U.S. COVID-19 Deaths- And Its Impact On Human Life

The week commenced by hitting a disastrous record in American history. The US death toll through COVID-19 was marked 500,000 when the week ended. Reports suggest that the first COVID-19 case was found last year in January. The total US death toll has crossed 500,000 and Kansas has a total population of 502,493, which is equal to the total number of deaths in the country. The total number of lives lost to the coronavirus is 500,000 which is 20% of the total global deaths through the virus.

U.S. COVID-19 Deaths- And Its Impact On Human Life

U.S Census Bureau had a population of 495,327 in 2019, This has been a surged population when compared to the census taken in 2010 that had 459,787. This makes Kansas City, the 38th most populated in the US, with most of its area in Jackson County, Missouri. So far, the county has recorded 36,552 infected cases with 496 deaths.

U.S. COVID-19 Deaths- And Its Impact On Human Life

Talking about the regions when COVID19 was hit hard, it affected the northeastern and northwestern parts. Death pace was high but later slowed down and a total of 28,748 people have died so far in the region. It was hard to handle the situation and was the first region where ICUs, emergency rooms, and refrigerated trucks were loaded with bodies. It’s by May 2020, the severance of the infections normalized and the rates kept dropping.

Disease shifted towards the West and Southern parts and was seen spreading in California, Texas, Arizona, and Florida. California has the highest number of cases of 3,526,828 and 49,111 deaths were reported so far. Texas ranked second among the total cases 2,593,823 with 42,202 deaths. Larger counties had to suffer badly along with Los Angeles and 20 other counties with the most number of deaths.

 Then it spread to the most populous  Los Angeles County that had 10 million people living. It was a relentless spike in cases and deaths were rising rapidly. The officials claimed that the spread was due to a lack of social distancing and people ignored wearing the masks. Public gatherings were in large numbers and people were least bothered.

There were fewer people tested and many were asymptomatic. Total infected cases reported are more than 28,000,000 in the US, but experts tell that it would have exceeded 70 million because everyone was not getting the opportunity to get tested

Now the current scenario is a bit unpredictable as the climate has struck well to delay the shipments of vaccines. So that has forced all the vaccination sites to shut down and the winter storm was strong in some areas.

If there is a resurge in the number of cases and deaths, things would only get worse. More than 8 million people have lost their jobs especially from the travel industry and hospitality sectors. More than 700,000 people’s death was predicted earlier, although there are miles away from reaching that mark. The death of 500,000 people has created history and will be known as the worst ever health disaster in American history that took lives and impacted the economy.

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