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Top 5 Chainsaw Man fan theories for Kobeni’s Devil Contract

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Chainsaw Man Kobeni fan art, Monkey King fan art and black cat illustration.
Chainsaw Man Kobeni fan art, Monkey King fan art and black cat illustration. Photo credits: @RaidyHD/wallhere.com (Kobeni), fufunha.deviantart.com (Monkey King) and Cliparts.co (black cat).

Chainsaw Man’s Kobeni hasn’t focused too much on it in the anime and manga, leaving fans with burning questions about her background. Undeniably the shyest and most shy devil slayer in anime/manga, Kobeni is very reticent about revealing personal things about herself. This has left Chainsaw Man fans keen to learn more about Kobeni’s Devil Contract, his abilities, and his secret powers.

Though Kobeni keeps her devil contract a secret, fans have concluded that it must be related to her fearful personality, bad luck, uncanny ability to dodge death, and increased speed and agility. As a result of this analysis, five possible devil contract theories emerged, and this top 5 list gives you the facts about each one.

Who is Kobeni?

Kobeni Higashiyama is a public security demon hunter who joins Makima’s Division 4 Special Forces as a new recruit. Initially, her seniors Himeno and Aki oversaw her activities, but after being traumatized by events in a battle against the Darkness Devil in Hell, she eventually decides to resign.

Kobeni’s cute looks make her look very out of place when standing side by side with other felhunters. Kobeni tends to wear her short brown hair in a side ponytail and adds two cute clips to it. Kobeni’s signature pose is known for holding up a classic double peace sign that Himeno had her do during her first encounter with the Eternity Devil.

Screenshot of the Chainsaw Man episode where Kobeni does double peace signs.
Screenshot of the Chainsaw Man episode where Kobeni does double peace signs. Photo credit: MAPPA

Compared to the other Devil Hunters we are introduced to in the series, Kobeni has a very cowardly personality, but it’s interesting to note that she still manages to hold her own in the end. She seems to cry and get scared very easily, but takes drastic measures to save herself.

Despite being cowardly and fearful, she showed how brave she could be when she single-handedly faced off against Akane (and her Snake Devil) and Katana Man to save Denji from their clutches. This was the moment that really surprised anime fans as they saw Kobeni show off her incredible skills for the first time and realized that she wasn’t as “useless” as she first appears.

Kobeni seems to love food and the taste of ice cream, which may or may not be related to their devil contract. She also seems to enjoy drinking and when people pay for their food.

1. The monkey devil

Other characters in Chainsaw Man have called Kobeni dexterous and talented, which seems at odds with her delicate build and shy personality. Her enhanced agility was shown when she was able to dodge the Snake Devil’s tail with such speed that Katana Man wondered aloud if she was a “monkey”.

Kobeni’s top skills seem to be her incredible speed and agility, but she also appears to be skilled in martial arts. In Chainsaw Man, she’s often seen pulling out a knife out of nowhere.

In Chinese mythology there is another being known for his speed, agility and martial arts – Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. The Monkey King is a legendary mythological figure best known as one of the main characters in the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West.

At the beginning of the story, Sun Wukong is a stone-born monkey who is given powers through Taoist practices. Later he rebels against heaven and the Buddha imprisons him in a mountain. Five hundred years later, with the help of the monk Tang Sanzang and two other disciples, he goes in search of Buddhist sutras from the west (India).

Known for his incredible strength, the Monkey King is said to be able to carry the weight of two mountains in the sky on his shoulders while running at the speed of a meteor. The Monkey King is said to be able to cover 34,000 miles in one somersault, making him incredibly fast. He is known for being a skilled fighter who was able to defeat the finest warriors in the sky. And finally, he could transform his magical hair into various weapons. Sound familiar?

If Kobeni has a contract with the Monkey Devil, that would explain her strength, speed, martial arts skills, and ability to turn her hair into knives. This could also explain why her hair is so short – she always turns it into knives by pulling out strands. It’s also possible that Kobeni’s abilities are related to the infamous “Monkey’s Paw” granting wishes, but it never works well.

2. The Four Horsemen

After the Eternity Devil’s defeat, Denji and his fellow Devil Hunters went to a bar to celebrate their recent victory, getting to know each other, and enjoying a wide variety of food and drinks. The Devil Hunters took turns sharing some personal information as they introduced themselves.

Chainsaw Man manga image in which Kobeni introduces himself.
Chainsaw Man manga image in which Kobeni introduces himself. Photo credit: Viz Media

When Kobeni introduced herself, she replied that she was 20 years old, liked to eat delicious food and that her devil’s contract was secret. This was the moment that confirmed that she has a contract with a devil and most likely a very powerful one as she has to keep it secret.

It is interesting to note that unlike Himeno and her eye patch, Kobeni has no “visible” sign that she has a contract with a devil. This has caused fans to speculate What precisely Kobeni gives up in her dealings with the devil and could be the key to her cowardly and fearful personality.

One of the most popular fan theories is that Kobeni has a contract with one of the Four Horsemen. The Four Horsemen include The Control Devil (Makima, later Nayuta), The Death Devil, The War Devil (Asa/Yoru), and The Hunger Devil/Famine Devil (Fami). The Four Horsemen seem to be the only devils who can remember devils erased from existence by Pochita.

Due to the fact that Kobeni always seems able to avoid death in very deadly situations, it would make sense that she had a contract with the Death Devil. Although she seems weaker than the felhunters surrounding her, she ends up being the last one standing and appears to have “luck of the devil”.

It would make sense that Kobeni would have a contract with the Hunger Devil because of her love of food. Later, when she decides to quit being a devil slayer, she chooses to work at a diner, which means she’s always around food and never goes hungry.

3. The fear devil

If the Fear Devil exists in the Chainsaw Man universe, it would make sense that he’s one of the most powerful devils in existence. If Kobeni has a contract with the Fear Devil it would explain her entire fearful and shy personality. Kobeni is considered very fearful in the anime and manga, and more so than anyone around her. Her own fear would end up fueling her devil’s abilities.

4. The unlucky devil

If the bad luck devil existed in the Chainsaw Man universe, he would be the embodiment of people’s fear of “bad luck”. Throughout Chainsaw Man’s storyline, Kobeni seems to have very bad luck and regularly finds himself in life-threatening and dangerous situations.

For example, it was somewhat hilarious when Denji lost his mind at one point as Chainsaw Man, kidnapped Kobeni and took her to an arcade to “have some fun”. Chainsaw Man then forced poor Kobeni to dance, but soon became distracted and left her there without her realizing.

If Kobeni struck a deal with the unlucky devil, the price of power could have been her potential fortune or good luck. However, another view is that Kobeni may be absorbing “good luck” from those around her in order to survive.

5. The Black Cat Devil

If the Black Cat Devil existed in the Chainsaw Man universe, he would be the embodiment of people’s fear of black cats and inspired by what they represent in different cultures.

Kobeni has many sisters and is apparently the 9th. Cats are usually said to have “nine lives” and this would explain Kobeni’s ability to survive deadly situations against all odds. How many “lives” does Kobeni have left, I wonder? Black cats are often associated with “bad luck” in Western culture and “lucky” in Japanese culture.

Kobeni’s fearful and shy personality fits perfectly with the phrase “being a scaredy-cat”. Just like a cat, she has a tendency to “go wild” in dangerous situations, showing how vicious she can be with her sharp knife. Just like an angry, cornered cat baring its claws in defense, Kobeni’s weapon of choice is knives.

Cats are known for their grace, agility and speed. Despite Kobeni’s timid personality, she has been shown to move against the Serpent Devil with grace and speed.

It will be interesting to see more of Kobeni in the future anime and manga. At first, fans thought she would be the first devil slayer to die due to her mild-mannered personality, but things quickly changed after she showed off her surprising abilities. Now many fans are cheering them on and want to know more about their mysterious devil contract.

Do you agree with my top 5 list of possible Kobeni Devil Contracts? Which devil do you think she was most likely to contract with? Do you have your own theory? Let us know in the comment section below!

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