Tokita Vs. Xia Ji! Release Date & Plot

A fantastic fight is in store for this week’s release of Kengan Omega. The previous chapter built this fight in the most intimidating way. In last week’s chapter, Tokita Ohma asked the man about the update on Xia’s arrest. Realizing that the man was able to get away from them, he decided to take matters into his own hands. So Kengan Omega Chapter 156 might start a brawl between Xia Ji and Tokita Ohma. Here’s everything you were looking for about the next chapter.

On the next outing, in addition to the fight everyone has been waiting for, fans can also hope to visit Worm’s headquarters. As one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the world, they surely have their eyes on every move of their members. So what will Worm do when Xia is captured?

Kengan Omega Chapter 156

Kengan Omega Chapter 156: What Will Happen Next?

In the last panel of the previous chapter, Tokita Ohma of the Kengan Association was disappointed that his team couldn’t catch Xia Ji. He noticed the transmitter early enough and removed it just in time. Not only that, he was also able to fight Akoya and Gaoh at once. But in the final panel of the chapter, fans saw Tokita Ohma approach Xia Ji with a calm demeanor.

He told the man that he would not harm him. This is certainly not true given the man’s history. Kengan Omega Chapter 156 is expected to start a fight between Ohma and Xia Ji. But the club’s goal is to capture him and extract the information about Worm.

Kengan Omega Chapter 156

Summary of the previous chapter!

The 155th chapter of Kengan Omega began in the midst of an assassination plot. This was the Kengan Association’s plan to bring down one of the Worm’s most prominent men. Ji was a close associate of Worm’s top executives. But it turned out that the plan didn’t work out and the two agents lost sight of their goal. Xia Ji removed the transmitter just in time. But when he looked around, Akoya Seishu and Gaoh Ryuki were right behind him.

But this fight didn’t go the way the two expected. Ji was more powerful than the two combined. By letting most of his powers fester, he was able to defeat Akoya first. Ryuki understood that he was no match for the fighters either. So he fled the scene of the crime. In the final act of the chapter, Tokita Ohma walked towards Xia calmly.

Kengan Omega Chapter 156

Kengan Omega Chapter 156 Release Date

Judging by the pace and fire of events, it looks like a war is about to begin in the story of Kengan Omega. With a threat as big as Worm, what does the Alliance plan to do? Kengan Omega Chapter 156 releases this week on April 27, 2022. All chapters of the manga will be found in the official rooms of Kodansha. Finally, keep in touch with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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