Times That Reboots Of 80s Cartoons Outraged Fans

Prince Adam/He-Man’s twin sister, She-Ra, was another prominent cartoon character in the ’80s, starring in her own series, She-Ra: The Princess of Power. While She-Ra shared many similarities with her brother, her unique power and exciting character dynamic allowed her to make her mark and be a female-centric companion show to Masters of the Universe. Also, She-Ra received a reboot on Netflix just like her brother, but unlike Masters of the Universe: Revelation, She-Ra’s reboot was more of a cut-and-dry reboot than a sequel.

Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power was incredibly well received by critics and fans alike upon its release. Many praised the series for its visually stunning action and multi-layered character writing. However, a sect of toxic “fans” slammed the series before its release, in part due to their dislike of She-Ra’s new design. After She-Ra’s new design was unveiled, it received a lot of misogynistic hate on social media, with some commenters upset that She-Ra’s new look wasn’t as “sexy” or appealing to them. Some made even harsher comments, calling She-Ra’s new design a “boyish lesbian” (via Vox). The hate hasn’t eclipsed the praise, however, and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power remains one of Netflix’s best animated series.

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