It’s Time For People With The Critical Disease To Visit Their Doctor

As the medical community is witnessing the worsening condition of patients who had to put off or postpone routine or emergency health care last year due to the coronavirus problem, they are urgently receiving an urgent message. The message is that one shouldn’t delay their regular treatment or checkups for fear of contracting coronavirus at the time of visiting the hospital or clinic.  Treatment of their existing diseases should be their first priority, or it might turn fatal for them. 

It’s Time For People With The Critical Disease To Visit Their Doctor

In the initial days of the outbreak of COVID-19, very little information was available about this virus. Hence doctors were skeptical about whether they should let their patients visit them in person. But gradually, as they came to know more and more about this virus, they felt they could not put off treating their regular patients anymore. But they had to make a change in their schedule. They had to differentiate between which patients needed to be seen in person while others could be given a consultation over a phone.

It's Time For People With The Critical Disease To Visit Their Doctor

With more and more information about coronavirus pouring in, doctors are becoming more confident about fighting this virus every day. They have also laid out some norms for their patients to safely come in and get their tests done and consult their doctors in person. These rules are such that it is safe both for the patients as well as for caregiver, and transmission risk is reduced to minimal. 

Some evidence has forced doctors to conclude that the health threats from postponing some necessary tests  — including those for heart,  cancer or some critical disease — could outweigh the risk of contracting coronavirus at a doctor’s visit, even if the virus is prevalent in that area.

Doctors give the opinion that a patient is more likely to die from advanced-stage cancer than he can from COVID-19. So people suffering from any such critical disease should put their health first before anything else and should not put off those doctor visits and suffering more as a result.

Following is given a  list of five key types of in-person medical appointments one should not skip in any case. 

Screening of Cancer

While diagnosing — and fighting — cancer, the timing makes much difference between life and death. Regular checkups and Routine screenings for any type of cancer and other malignancies are coming due for many people now as it has been a year since the outbreak of pandemic and putting off of these tests.  For those people, who have a family or personal history of cancer, the immediate need to catch up is pressing as of now. 

People who have delayed the cancer screenings are being diagnosed later and in much more advanced stages when treatments are not as effective as they are as successful in the earlier stages of cancer, as said by Bevers.

We are now allowing the patients to come to the hospital to get these tests done. They can meet their doctors in in-person treatment so that it is both safe for the doctor and the patient, and the transmission risk is quite low.

She states that the research which was published in the previous summer at the National Cancer Institute predicts that greater than 10,000 extra deaths have occurred from breast and colorectal cancer. This is due to the poor screening rates while the pandemic was at its peak. This study has forecasted a spike in the deaths of people with additional cancers in the upcoming two years. The health department is quite concerned for such people with cancer.

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