Is It Time To Administer The Vaccine To Kids Now?

Is It Time To Administer The Vaccine To Kids Now?

The vaccinations are out and about and are being administered to millions every day. The Adult population has been prioritized for vaccine administration so that they can develop immunity and be safe from the deadly disease of Covid-19. The Adults needed this shield against the coronavirus disease, otherwise even stepping out of the house to this date would have been impossible. The vaccine manufacturers are maintaining the supply chain of the vaccine. They are doing a commendable job by making everything work so smoothly.

Is It Time To Administer The Vaccine To Kids Now?

When the vaccine was first being administered, it was only given to health care and frontline workers. Later on, the Adult population was allowed to be vaccinated. It was not mandatory for anybody among the American Adults to get administered the vaccine shot administered. But the people were constantly encouraged to become a part of the vaccination drive. A few weeks earlier, the Former US Presidents and the First Ladies got the vaccines administered to themselves and also featured in an ad campaign that was encouraging all the people to get the vaccine shots.

Is It Time To Administer The Vaccine To Kids Now?

These are the things that the very vigilant new Biden administration is doing to contain the coronavirus disease. There are still fears of the variant strains and also the indigenous mutants that can cause a surge in the covid cases once again. More than 44 million people across the United States of America and the current US President have assured that almost 100 million people would be administered the covid-19 vaccine by the end of the summer season.

These are some remarkable figures to have been achieved in a short period. The tireless work and efforts put in by the people involved with this vaccination campaign are commendable. But the big question arises here is when will the kids be vaccinated. With the adult population getting protected day by day, the children of the American Society are getting more vulnerable.

Earlier the older population was more prone to fall victims to the virus but now they all are vaccinated and are safe for the time being. Initially, when the virus was spreading, the kids were found to be the silent carriers of the virus because they showed no symptoms but were super-spreaders of the virus. Currently, the vaccines in the United States are only being administered to people above the age of 16. But, it is high time to figure out some solution to protect the lives of the younger generation as well. The major issue is for the school-going children. The parents are concerned about their kids who are going to school without any protection and vaccination. The situation is concerning for the younger generation and solutions are still awaited.

The new guidelines indicate vaccines being made available to middle and high school students who can show mild symptoms after the administration of the vaccine shots. This will enable these growing students to go to school without any fear of getting infected. 

The main reason for the kids not being vaccinated earlier is that the evaluation of the vaccines has not been done enough on the kids. It was established at the beginning of the pandemic itself that kids are out of the danger zone and hence the focus of the vaccines was directed towards protecting the elderly.

The situation might be concerning but the experts are trying their level best to bring the situation under control and give out solutions for the kids and younger generation as well. Vaccine manufacturers have started testing the effectiveness of the vaccine on the kids and we hope that it all works out well.

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