This Look At Jeffrey Wright As The MCU’s Live-Action Watcher Is Seriously Cosmic

On the r/marvelstudios subreddit, u/i-drive posted some artwork by Jeffrey Wright as a live-action observer, and it’s definitely cosmic. The art shows the telltale physical feature of a rather large head, only with the very distinct impression that the character is being played by Jeffrey Wright. It’s a beautiful work of art that begs the question, “Will fans ever see Wright step into the role of a live-action MCU project?”

Obviously there is no way to be sure. Considering that the live-action MCU films are beginning to heavily explore the multiverse, there’s every chance fans will see Wright’s special Guardians sooner or later. Until then, Disney has confirmed via Twitter that the fans would like more of “What If…?” early enough. That will surely mean more Guardians, especially given the Season 1 finale where his character broke his own rules and meddled in the events as they unfolded, bringing together characters from different realities to bring Ultron (Ross Marquand) on to prevent the multiverse from conquering.

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