These Scathing Reactions Prove Not Everybody Loves Winning Time

Lakers legend Jerry West has been vocal in outrage at the way he is portrayed on “Winning Time,” demanding an apology and a public retraction from HBO, going so far as to lay the groundwork for a lawsuit against the network, and many viewers agree that got dirty. The show features West, portrayed by Jason Clarke, as an often frustrated and antagonistic man prone to profane outbursts of anger. On Twitter, many shared West’s frustrations. @EsqPickles tweeted, “‘Winning Time’ is really stupid and awful, and his portrayal of Jerry West is among his worst attributes.” In another tweet @KyleKoster West suggested turning the tables, writing, “Jerry West should fund his own drama series about the making of ‘Winning Time’ and make everyone involved ridiculously horrible caricatures of themselves.”

West isn’t the only one who was outraged when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took to Substack with complaints about the show, claiming the characters were shallow and the spelling outdated. Abdul-Jabbar wrote, “The characters are gross stick figures -Representations that resemble real people, such as Lego Hans [sic] Solo resembles Harrison Ford.” It seems many viewers share the criticism of the NBA superstar. @BillSimnnons tweeted, “Not only is Winning Time poorly written and generally awful, it defames Jerry West, [Kareem Abdul-Jabbar] and [Magic Johnson].” In the meantime, @LAteamfan33 said they liked the show but understood the outrage, writing, “I think ‘Winning Time’ is entertaining but what they did to the legend’s personalities angered me. Jerry West, Magic and Kareem have every right to be upset.”

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