The Worst Villain On The Flash According To Fans

On a subreddit dedicated to the series, Prize-Union-3656 posted a poll asking the community to vote for the “worst Flash villain”. Options available included Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy), Mirror Monarch (Efrat Dor) and Godspeed (Kindall Charters and Karan Oberoi, depending on the season). The poll received approximately 3,100 responses, a third of which went to a single option: Cicada (Chris Klein). Cicada, aka Orlin Dwyer, was a murderous vigilante seeking revenge – or justice, it really depends on your moral beliefs – on metahumans linked to a death in his family. On the surface, this is a solid villain arc. Why did everyone hate it so much?

For the uninitiated, here’s a breakdown of the type. First, it’s important to realize that cicada has literally nothing to do with the insect it’s named after. He wears an industrial respirator that alters his voice and (kinda) hides his identity. Through the mask, his breath only sounds a bit like cicadas. So, yes, that’s the first blow. Second, his power set is obviously ridiculous. He can summon a serrated dagger that works a bit like Thor’s Mjolnir in that only he can wield it. But the caveat here is that it also uses its chest as a sheath, because it’s actually a deadly piece of shrapnel from an exploded satellite that emits dangerous red flashes and a force-dampening field, so no one with similar powers to his can fight the back. He’s also super strong, a trained killer, and can fly.

Are you already feeling the mental whiplash? Buckle up because there’s more.

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