The Worst Episode In Good Girls Season 4

Fans on Reddit seem to have come to a consensus that the final episode of “Good Girls” is not only the worst of season four, but also does the larger story a disservice. The series ends with Beth confronting her life as a criminal. In fact, she’s elected to the city council, which means she wields more power over her one-time crime boss and occasional lover, Rio (Manny Montana). Annie ends up in jail after falling for her sister, and Ruby must choose between moving on with her life in Nevada or staying with her friends.

Fans in particular weren’t happy with how many questions the show left unanswered. U/emersonlakeandlagoon wrote: “So Annie is in jail and that’s okay? And what does Beth have to say about Rio anyway? Did Ruby and Stan escape? What about all that MLM crap? I just do not understand.”

Other fans, like u/ConnoisseurSir, hoped the show would redeem itself with a happy ending that never materialized.

U/Realityneal believes the show needed another season to wrap things up. “I wish they could have brokered a deal,” they wrote.

Ultimately, the ending to “Good Girls” definitely wasn’t what the show or its die-hard fans deserved, and that makes the finale season four’s worst episode.

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