The Worst American Pickers Season 3 Episode According To IMDb

IMDb allows users to rate episodes of their favorite TV shows. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people have offered their thoughts on virtually every episode of American Pickers, going back to the early years. For Season 3, the show had firmly established what it was going to be about, and fans were either in or out at that point. But unfortunately, it seems like the show made a mistake with Season 3 Episode 6, “Trading Up”.

The episode lives up to its title by following Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they challenge themselves to trade in an old cup dispenser for something better. They progress through the episode one by one until they get a bigger prize. During their adventure, they visit an Indiana man’s home, which is filled with over 16,000 pieces, and the St. Louis Cardinals’ dugout.

For some reason, the episode didn’t resonate with fans, who gave it an overall rating of 6.6/10 from over 20 reviews. However, you can watch the episode for yourself to see what you think of this particular Wolfe/Fritz adventure.

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