The Way of the Househusband live-action movie trailer featuring cavalry battle is released

Poster for the Gokushufudo movie and key visual from the Netflix anime series.
Poster for the upcoming Gokushufudo the Cinema movie and key visual from the anime. Photo credits: and

In October 2020, The Way of the Househusband anime received a live-action TV drama adaptation by Nippon TV, and a six-part special epilogue will premiere on May 27, 2022. From April to October 2021, a Netflix Original Net Animation (ONA) anime series produced by JC Staff was released in two parts.

The latest adaptation is a live-action film set for release this summer on June 3, 2022, with Toichiro Ruto returning as director.

On May 24, 2022, Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan released a video clip from Gokushufudo the Cinema showing the characters participating in a sports day event at their day care center, Karyu Nursery School by waging a cavalry battle. It’s hard to say who is more competitive, the husbands who are the “horses” or the wives who are the “riders.”

A video clip showing a cavalry fight from the Gokushufudo the Cinema movie.

From the feared yakuza boss to the beloved house husband – this is the way

The Way of the Househusband is a Japanese rom-com manga series written and illustrated by Kousuke Oono. It has been published in the online manga magazine Kurage Bunch since 2018.

The hilarious story of The Way of the Househusband revolves around an ex-yakuza boss of the “Japanese mafia” named Tatsu, who falls in love with a woman named Miku. Miku is a strong, independent “career woman,” and to support her, Tatsu decides to retire from the criminal underworld and become a home husband.

The episodes of the anime are stand-alone stories centered around Tatsu’s daily life as a home husband doing mundane household chores. But if you’re a man formerly known as “The Immortal Dragon,” simple things like getting groceries become much more complex and fun when you end up encountering your former yakuza partners and powerful rivals.

Actors and actresses from the live-action drama reprise their roles

Poster image for Gokushufudo the Cinema.
Full version of the poster for the upcoming Gokushufudo the Cinema featuring the cast. Photo credit:

The cast for Gokushufudo the Cinema includes actors and actresses reprising their roles from the manga’s previous live-action series, as well as new faces:

  • Hiroshi Tamaki—Tatsu
  • Haruna Kawaguchi-Miku
  • Jun Shison—Masa
  • Tamaki Shiratori—Hiwari
  • Naoto Takenaka – Kikujiro Eguchi
  • Izumi Inamori—Ibari
  • Kenichi Takito-Torajiro
  • Yuta Furukawa-Sakai
  • Junpei Yasui-Sadogashima
  • Tina TamashiroYukari
  • MEGUMI—Tanaka
  • Michiko-Ota
  • Kotaro Yoshida – Kondo (President of K Planning Real Estate Company)
  • Marika Matsumoto – Koharu (Torajiro’s younger sister and third leader of a partnership between three female bicycle gangs in Hiroshima)
  • Yumi Adachi – Shiraishi-sensei (Head of Karyu Day Care, which is being evicted by Kondo)
  • Kenta Izuka – Yamamoto (Kondo’s subordinate)
  • Tomoko Fujita – Kato (Kondo’s subordinate who pressures local businesses to sell their land)
  • Yoshida-Kondo
  • Kunito WatanabeKazuma
  • Yua Shinkawa – Kasumi (Kunito and Kasumi are a married couple who have a misunderstanding with Tatsu until the situation starts to escalate and more and more people get involved)

Little information about the film’s plot has been released, but I’m sure Tatsu won’t just stand by and allow the head of the daycare center, Karyu, to be evicted, which means he’ll face off against a ruthless businessman named Kondo. It is also entertaining to see the female biker girls.

Are you looking forward to the new movie Gakushufudo the Cinema? Let us know in the comments below!

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