The Walking Dead Scene Fans Crowned As The Worst-Looking In The Series

Season 7 of The Walking Dead introduced viewers to the Scavengers: a bizarre faction of apocalypse survivors who lived in a garbage-covered landscape called the Heaps. They stayed out of the affairs of other groups and instead tended to themselves alone in an increasingly dangerous world. Nonetheless, the show’s longtime protagonist, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), visited the heaps, and when he did, viewers were presented with one of the most repulsive green screen shots in the show’s history at that moment. All these years later, fans still can’t take it.

Reddit user jodlad4 brought the moment back to the Walking Dead community, calling it “possibly the worst looking shot on the show.” Countless of her fellow fans wholeheartedly agreed as they tried to figure out exactly where the scene went wrong. Meanwhile, some were building a case for what may be an even more infamous moment: the CGI deer from season 7’s “Say Yes.” The “Beast” doesn’t score a lot of screen time, and considering how it looks, that’s for the best. As noted by NME, it looked like poor video game rendering, and the “TWD” fandom were more than happy to poke fun at it.

One could easily comb through every Walking Dead episode and pick out some visually questionable scenes, but it stands to reason that Rick’s views of the heaps – and even the CGI deer – aren’t outdone.

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