The Vikings Scene That Was The Hardest For Alexander Ludwig To Film

In an interview with Winter Is Coming, Ludwig took a trip down memory lane for the role he’d made his own by the show’s sixth season. When it came to reliving some of Bjorn’s greatest moments, avenging his father’s death was the most challenging. After killing Ragnar, King Aelle (Ivan Kaye) is brought to justice after being overpowered by the Vikings. In retaliation, Bjorn executes the king with the help of Blood Eagle – severing the ribs from the spine and threading through the victim’s lungs like wings. While the sequence itself was harrowing, the elements tested the star and the other cast and crew.

“It was so cold, and it doesn’t even look cold by looking at it. It was snowing, but you couldn’t see it on camera,” Ludwig recalled. He persevered through the moment, fueled by the drama and the massive creative input behind it. “So I hold this metal knife, your hands freeze even with two heaters,” he added. “The crew and cast were just absolutely lousy, but that’s the beauty of a show like this because you keep progressing and every single person is there together.” The end result is gorgeous in all its graphic glory and is considered one of the most outstanding moments of the series.

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