The Video Formula Reviews

The Video Formula Reviews – A Complete Training Program For Video Making & Vlogging

The Video Formula Reviews explains different techniques one can use in video making or vlogging, which can help the customers gain more audiences or viewers. In this digital world where people are competing to get more likes and views, there are customers who try to outperform the competition.

The Video Formula Reviews Is It A Worthy Program For Video Creators?

The Video Formula provides an exact solution to this  dilemma. The Video Formula Reviews discusses everything including the benefits, how it is different from other training programs, the pros and cons, how it will help users, where to get it and what is the price.

The Video Formula Reviews

An OverviewThe Video Formula

The Video Formula is actually a package of many ideas and hacks. More precisely saying, it is a training program one can get online and it covers 10 physiological aspects which will trigger the audience or viewers while watching the video. Though this is all about video content, it does not need any expensive camera, studio facilities, editing equipment, not even a laptop. Everything can be managed on a smartphone.

Since video content is an integral part of the marketing strategy, marketers, businessmen, and vloggers are more into making videos nowadays.  Using these 10 ingredients of Video Formula, the users can make their videos go noticed. This will increase the viewership, commenting, sharing of the video and thus  will contribute to an increased sales. The more the viewership, the more the says will be.

Who Is Behind The Video Formula?

Kevin Anson is the brain behind this Video Formula. He worked as a professional video creator for over 15 years. He is an entrepreneur, a video marketing expert, and has helped many companies in increasing their profit through organic and paid videos. Moreover, he has a large number of successful clients who earn millions of dollars through Video Formula.

How Does It Help To Change Business? 

As mentioned, it is a training program through which the user can get special tips or hacks to increase the viewers. Every element of a video requires special attention, the video one release should be specific and pleasing to the audience even if it is for entertaining or marketing.

With the help of Video Formula, one will be able to create contents which can attract the viewers and make them watch it again and again. This is the best option and can be considered as a marketing strategy for any video content. 

Benefits Of The Video Formula

  • Increase in viewership– Video Formula provides hacks and tips, in other terms, the perfect ingredients to be used in the video content. This will increase the number of viewers and will tempt them to watch it again and again.
  • Increase in likes, shares and comments – as the viewership increases, the number of times the video is shared will increase. This will automatically increase the likes and comments for the video.
  • Increase in sales – Video Formula increases the sales of each video content published by a user, whether it serves the purpose of promotion, or an advertisement or a simple descriptive video. 
  • Easy to learn– anyone who is involved in video production can easily learn the tricks to make the video go viral. The user does not need any professional camera or any other equipment: a smartphone is enough. 
  • Not limited to videos – the Video Formula does not only apply to videos, it can also be used in blogs, social media, websites, emails, advertisements, landing pages etc…
  • Money back guarantee – ‘Love it or leave it’; the Video Formula offers a 30 days money-back guarantee to the customers. If the customer does not receive any positive outcome after using Video Formula, the customer can get the money back within a period of 30 days.
  • Added bonus– a user can get 3 bonuses after purchasing this Video Formula and this bonus includes a community which answers the queries of the user regarding video contents.

What Is Inside The Video Formula?

A list of 10 ingredients are what is there in the Video Formula. The customer gets to know unknown or unnoticed hacks which can increase the views and shares of the video content. Some of them are here listed below;

  • The Video Formula Training
  • Headline hacks- explains how to write headlines on which people actually click on.
  • How not to be awkward on camera
  • Smartphone hacks – explains how to shoot the highest possible quality video using a smartphone.
  • Scroll-stopping hacks – explains how to make people stop scrolling the video and make them watch it. 

Apart from these,there are some additional bonuses are also available;

  • Bonus 1– Caption hacks – explains how to add captions to the video without even touching a computer or a laptop.
  • Bonus 2 – Video Tech Resource Guide – a guide that contains the links to every software to create high competing videos.
  • Bonus 3 – Online Facebook Community – a community to share questions or queries.

How Is It Different From Other Training Programs?

The video Formula trains the customers with techniques that one could not find from any other program. There is no other similar training program specially designed for the purpose of video creation.

The expertise and experience of the creator is something that needs to be highlighted and the years of research he made over the 10 ingredients are notable.

The Video Formula results

Pros And Cons Of The Video Formula


  • Easily  accessible.
  • Increase sales. 
  • Increase views, likes, shares and comments.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Only a smartphone is needed.
  • Extra bonuses.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Available only on the official website and cannot be accessed from anywhere.
  • Difficult for people who do not have time to spend on training program

Pricing And Availability

Though the number of views, likes, shares and comments the customer gets after applying the ingredients will be more than the actual price of the Video Formula.

As a limited offer, the entire training package along with the bonuses and community group will cost $97

This training program is accessible only through the official website video Formula.

The Video Formula customer reviews

The Video Formula Bonuses

There are three bonuses available with Video Formula.

  1. Caption hacks 

Captions are what catches the attention of the viewers. If captions aren’t made, videos will be skipped by the viewers and that will result in less viewership. In the Video Formula, consumers will get easy hacks to make caption without doing tons of work.

  1. Video tech resource guide 

There are different softwares which helps in making a video perfect. There is video editing softwares, music, sound effects, video effects, images, stock footage and many more. Through Video Formula, the creator is giving the links to all the software of personal collection.

  1. Online facebook community

A group or community of video creators who excel in their own business using Video Formula. It is a platform for the users of Video Formula to interact. The consumers can seek professional help, suggestions and support from each other.

The Video Formula bonuses

Conclusion – The Video Formula Reviews

The current digital world requires strong content for marketing especially when it is done through videos uploaded in social media platforms or websites. The Video Formula Reviews helps to know about the program and how to gaining more views, sales, sightseeing, outdoor and many more options. It is mainly designed to increase the curiosity of the viewers in the video content. The training program is easily accessible to anyone who would want to increase their profit by using 10 ingredients of success. The 30 day money back guarantee is an added advantage of the Video Formula as the money can be returned if there is no positive result mentioned in The Video Formula Reviews.


Is it available in physical form?

No. It is a training program conducted digitally and it consists of 10 ingredients that can increase the viewership of a video content. It can be downloaded on the device.

Does it involve the use of a digital camera?

Anyone can use the hacks and tricks using a smartphone

Is there any age limit for Video Formula?

There is no age limit. Anyone who is interested in video creation can

Is it a software?

No. it is not a software but it will give the links to softwares used by the creator to make videos.

How long is it available?

It will be downloaded in the device and the customer can refer to it anytime.

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