The Vance Storyline That NCIS Fans Wish Had An Actual Payoff

During “Knockout,” Vance, Ziva, and McGee (Sean Murray) travel to Chicago to investigate the death of a boxer named Tyler Keith Owens, who Vance used to box with. During their investigation, Vance’s wife, Jackie (Paula Newsome), tells agents that Vance used to be a Marine but was fired after suffering a detached retina. That forced him to make a career change and join NCIS.

While investigating Owens’ death, the agents make several disturbing discoveries. Vance insists Owens used to be a Marine, but Ducky (David McCallum) can’t find any record of it. Then, while re-examining Owens’ body, Ducky discovers that it is Owens who had the detached retina. When Vance and the agents interview Owen’s sister, Tara (Rochelle Aytes), she makes several comments suggesting Vance isn’t who he says he is – she refers to him as “Teek,” a nickname more appropriate to Tyler Keith Owens passes. for example. Overall, fans have speculated that Leon Vance could actually be Tyler Keith Owens and vice versa. According to fan theory, Vance and Owens swapped identities so that Owens could continue Vance’s career after Vance became physically incapable.

On Reddit, fans wanted more. “The pieces were there, the seed was planted, and then we got none of it,” Redditor told u/AttackOfTheMox.

“I just rewatched that episode the other day and was so confused why they record something like this and never mention it again!” agreed Redditor u/betterashthandust44.

“I forgot about Vance’s story,” added Redditor u/andyk513. “Just like the writers.”

Surely having Vance as the imposter would have been a shocking turn of events. But if “NCIS” didn’t want to shake things up so much, why even introduce the idea at all?

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