The Vampire Diaries Character Fans Can’t Help But Love

For many fans of The Vampire Diaries universe, all it takes is love. Fueling relationships is a huge part of romantic drama, and there are almost too many to count. One of the most significant aspects of Klaus’ character is his relationship with Caroline. Ever since Klaus first fed Caroline his blood after Tyler bit her, fans never stopped rooting for her. “[K]Laroline always will be [“The Vampire Diaries'”] most iconic creation. the only love story to span all three shows, even in different universes. They are untouchable, beautiful and I’m glad I joined them on their once in a lifetime journey,” the Twitter user wrote @hslatenights.

Though the couple doesn’t get together, many fans chose rejection as a coping mechanism. “[K]Laroline flew into the sun together, I’m not told otherwise.” @gendrysaryas proclaimed.

The phenomenon was so big that Joseph Morgan himself had something to say when speaking to TV Guide. “That’s the thing about Klaus and Caroline’s fans, they just don’t talk about it,” he said, poking fun at the outspoken fanbase. “Occasionally I hear these kinds of whispers and I’m like, ‘Really? People like it?’ I wish someone had said something – in the last seven years.” Caroline is another window into Klaus’ gentle side, and she gave viewers a chance to see his humanity, giving more insight into Klaus’ fascinating character.

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