The US Officials Concerned About Early COVID-19 Investigation- China Hits Back

Picturing The COVID 19, the Chinese will be regarded as a villainous character considering the fact that the virus broke out in the Chinese wet markets in Wuhan and has been taking lives to date. Well, they have already reopened their wet markets and started selling wild and exotic creatures again.

Over the allegations from the US, the  Chinese have backlashed at the White house. It was earlier blamed by the US that Beijing stopped some confidential data to be shared about the origin of the coronavirus outbreak to the World Health Organisation.

The US Officials Concerned About Early COVID-19 Investigation- China Hits Back

White House National Security Personnel Mr. Sullivan – “ Washington had deep concerns about the way in which early findings of the COVID19  investigation were communicated and questions about the process used to reach them.” 

He also said that “It is imperative that this report be independent, with expert findings free from intervention or alteration by the Chinese government”

The US Officials Concerned About Early COVID-19 Investigation- China Hits Back

This statement was in reference to the WHO mission to find out through their investigation about the Wuhan pandemic breakout that occurred first in 2019. It was also believed that the Chinese government did not provide the exact number of the death toll in the outbreak. The Us government officials are also skeptical about the actual location and about the outbreak. There were controversies earlier that the virus escaped into the atmosphere from a lab but nothing had proof of evidence.

A year has passed by and the death toll has hit the deck. So the Chinese have to share the evidence about the virus and so that the world researchers and doctors could study and do trials and tests to stop the virus.

The Chinese Government on Sunday responded stating that the US had already damaged international cooperation on COVID19 and pointed fingers at other countries who were faithful in supporting the WHO. They also blamed the WHO for these political interventions happening.

After the takeover of Joe Biden as a president, the Chinese welcomed the decision of the new government’s move to reverse the Trump administration’s decision to leave WHO. The Chinese government believes that the new US government will hold on to higher standards in executing their tasks and take decisions with adequate transparency, attitude, and seriousness. They also expect that the duties will be handled with more responsibility by supporting the WHO and its actions, contirbuting deliberately to the international cooperation on COVID19.

Should this be a time when China and the US would collaborate once again by lifting all their restrictions made against either party?

Well, we have a COVID19  pandemic around every corner of the world and are yet to find out a permanent solution to alleviate the damage coronavirus has impacted on the world.

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