The Untold Truth Of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise told Parade (via the Irish Examiner) that his father, Thomas Cruise Mapother III, was a “bully and coward” and “a merchant of chaos.” Cruise added that his father, who was an electrical engineer, was a big concern for him in his formative years. He explained: “He was the kind of person where if something goes wrong, they kick you. It was a great life lesson – how he lulls you, makes you feel safe, and then, bang.”

Cruise says he grew up not trusting his father and being extremely wary of a guy he thought was wrong. In 1974, when Cruise was 12, his mother, Mary Lee, divorced his father. Cruise’s mother and her children left Canada and returned to the United States, where she married Cruise’s stepfather, Jack South. Cruise didn’t see his father again until 10 years later, when the man died in hospital of cancer. The elder Cruise would only meet his son on condition that the younger Cruise wouldn’t ask him about the past. The actor agreed, recalling, “When I saw him in pain, I thought, ‘Wow, what a lonely life.’ He was in his late 40s. It was sad.”

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