The Untold Truth Of Good Will Hunting

The 90’s were a very different time in terms of fashion and what was considered cool. “Matrix” might make it seem like everyone in that era marched around in black leather coats and sunglasses, but general fashion gravitated much more towards flashy colors and pop-bubble clothing styles.

“Good Will Hunting” does a good job of keeping to the fashion trends of its time in an understated way. But that makes Matt Damon’s haircut all the more striking in the film. The actor carries a gold bowl with frosted tips that suits one of the Backstreet Boys better than a grumpy, low-income genius. In later years, Damon admitted that his hair choices for the film left a lot to be desired, and blamed it squarely on his own shoulders.

“That [hairstyle] It’s my fault,” Damon told Vulture. “For whatever reason, I loved that haircut at that age.” According to the actor, everyone from the director to Ben Affleck expressed doubts about his hair, but Damon later stuck to his guns, plaintively, “I don’t know what my problem was. I looked like I was supposed to sing as a backup for Color Me Badd.”

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