The Untold Truth Of Brave

When you think of Brave, it’s impossible to separate it from its Scottish setting. This is especially true as the cast consists largely of notable Scottish talent, including Kelly Macdonald as the voice of protagonist Merida. Originally, this character’s vocal actor would have been a departure from the rest of the cast as he was deeply American. Reese Witherspoon, famous for films like Legally Blonde but not for playing characters with a foreign accent, was originally cast as Merida.

Witherspoon starred in the role of Merida for a while before finally retiring from the project in March 2011. It was discovered at the time that scheduling conflicts with other productions that Witherspoon had to take care of were behind this recast (via Variety). Macdonald took over and that seemed to be the end of it until Witherspoon later revealed a few select details.

In an interview on the show Lorraine (per Cosmopolitan), while discussing hard-to-nail accents, Witherspoon mentioned that Scots was particularly hard to crack and that she previously lost a role due to her inability to deliver an authentic Scottish accent. The obstacle eventually became insurmountable and Witherspoon chose to back out. Though she didn’t specifically name “Brave” as the project she left, it seems to fit the information she provided.

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