The Unexpected Friendship That Fans Of Parks And Recreation Absolutely Love

During the fifth season of Parks and Recreation, Ben Wyatt takes a job in DC and brings April Ludgate along to work as his intern. Despite the fact that the two were roommates at one point, the two had never really been close. This becomes apparent early in the season as April’s sarcasm often undermines Ben’s authority as her boss, leading to some arguments between them. However, as the season progresses, the two develop a mutual respect for each other and actually become quite close, much to the popularity of the show’s fans.

“Love how close Ben and April have become in DC,” wrote u/Flipmaster_102520 on Reddit, adding a short clip of the two laughing in their DC office. “That was a really smart arc for her,” agreed u/MRmandato. “Ben and April have literally nothing in common, not even opposites per se. It was really important to give them a chance for Bond.”

While most of the unlikely pairings on the show are almost entirely opposites, Ben and April simply have nothing in common. They’re not even really in contrast to each other, they just seem like two completely different people who you’d never expect to get close — which is perhaps why it’s so heartwarming to see them grow into good friends.

While it’s just one of many unlikely pairings on Parks and Recreation, Ben and April’s unique friendship clearly holds a special place in the hearts of many longtime fans.

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