The United States Faces A Shortage In Supply Of Rapid COVID Tests

The United States Faces A Shortage In Supply Of Rapid COVID Tests

There is the scarce availability of at-home rapid Covid-19 test kits in the United States. The White House on Friday promised the citizens an improved supply of the Rapid Covid-19 test kits within the next two months.

The United States Faces A Shortage In Supply Of Rapid COVID Tests

The White House Coordinator, JeffZients, said, ” there is an increasing demand for the at-home test kits, but despite its shortage, the United States has high testing capacity.” Jeff added that the administration is working towards doubling their production by the coming months. He said, ” increase in production will also ensure reduced costs of these kits for the citizens.”

The United States Faces A Shortage In Supply Of Rapid COVID Tests

The White House also talked about the importance of its decision regarding vaccine mandates and employee testing requirements. With these policies in place, the further rise in rapid kit demands is sure. The Biden administration has been investing billions of dollars in testing facilities. Still, the United States struggled to meet its demand for testing kits since the beginning of the pandemic.

As soon as President Joe Biden started his tenure, he assured the citizens of a World War II-style production push for the test kits. There is a wide availability of PCR tests, but the availability of rapid test kits remains short. PCR  tests require lab support and take a long time to produce results whereas at-home Rapid test kits are easy to use and give faster results.

The demand for testing rose from 300% to nearly 650% in some areas in the United States. 

Xavier Becerra, the secretary for Health and Human Services, said, “we have sufficient supplies, but the problem lies at delivering them to the right places.” Senators catechized Becerra following the shortage of test kits in their states. They stated that despite providing billions of dollars of funds for schools and businesses for testing, there is no assurance for tests to happen.

Whereas there is a banner on the Covid Testing Site at-home testing page that reads, ” Due to high demands, deliveries may be delayed.”

The spokesperson for Walgreens Corporate said, ” we are in talks with our testing partners to meet the supply shortage in several regions. He also stated that the company has begun rationing the rapid test kits purchases.

To overcome the stress in the supply of the rapid test kits, the CDC, in September, announced the usage of lab-based tests over the rapid tests whenever possible. Towards the end of September, the Biden administration also signed a $ 1.2 billion deal for more rapid test kits for Covid-19. The deal took place between the White House and Abbott and Celltrion.

Abbott said, “we will be ramping up our production of test kits, and by October end, we will ensure the production of our largest batch so far.” The company is restarting production in its Illinois plant that was shut due to a shortage in demand. 

Zients further added, “we will not leave any stone unturned to maximize the production of rapid Covid-19 test kits. He says that they will work hard to deliver test kits in all the regions. The company is also working on reducing the testing cost per testing kit.

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