The Tragic Reason Michael J Fox Is Only Choosing Roles With Few Lines

While Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease has definitely affected his ability to act over the years, he has continued to find a way to move forward with roles and life. “His stamina is phenomenal,” says Fox producer and friend Nelle Fortenberry (via AARP). “Although Parkinson’s is progressive and limits your physical capabilities, he’s found ways to keep the focus on what he has rather than what he doesn’t have.” But then Parkinson’s, his memory and ability to change began Memorizing, impairing lines – key skills in the acting profession. Despite this, Fox remained calm.

Fox has always been a fast talker and his thoughts seemed to move faster than he could get them out of his mouth. Hearing him say he wasn’t freaked out about this new development shows the depth of Fox’s attitude of gratitude and acceptance. “For whatever reason, it just is what it is,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I can’t remember five pages of dialogue. I can’t do it It can’t be done. So I’m going to the beach.” Most actors who rely on memorizing many lines for their work would be devastated and angry at such a discovery. But Fox isn’t like most actors, or even most people, and his amazing attitude only makes him more of a legend.

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