The Sons Of Anarchy Characters Fans Expected To Be Killed Off Quickly

Of course, not all of the sons survive the entire show, and for a time, Chibs’ (Tommy Flanagan) fate hangs in the air. Fans worried for him in Season 2 when he was the victim of a car bomb, courtesy of Zobelle (Adam Arkin) and the League of American Nationalists. Chibs bears the brunt of the blast and sustains a serious head injury.

“I expected Chibs to die in that explosion,” admitted u/Rollslan. Chibs spends much of Season 2 recovering in the hospital, fighting off death and the watchful eye of his wife Fiona (Bellina Logan). Luckily for the club – and for Chibs himself – he is recovering well. In fact, Chib’s rehab is going so well that he eventually took charge of the club last season.

“I [am] I’m just glad Chibs didn’t die on the show and is now the president as he’s by far my favorite of them all,” noted u/TheTypicalbozy. Where Jax doesn’t steer the club in the right direction, Chibs has the potential to thrive. Unlike many other club members, he never falters and manages to stay true to his ethics. Of course, that could also be a reason why so many fans didn’t trust him to make it to the end.

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