The Sneaky Simpsons References Only Hardcore Fans Spotted On Bones

In the first scene of the season 5 episode “Dwarf in the Dirt,” Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin) and Lance Sweets (John Francis Daley) talk about the bone of their last John Doe at the Jeffersonian. The X-ray bed can be seen over Sweets’ shoulder as they speak – and an X-ray of Simpson’s family man Homer Simpson’s skull eventually emerges as the conversation continues, his tiny brain on a stalk in his large skull.

This clever Easter egg received some applause from Reddit users who posted on the Bones subreddit. “Now I have to go back and watch this episode to recognize it lol,” said u/Duskmuse711. “I’ve watched this show at least a dozen times and have never seen this one,” noted u/spaceburrito3.

But it seems, as one deleted user pointed out, that the x-ray was very deliberately placed in the background rather than being an offhand, goofy gag. Per The New York Times, Homer’s x-ray was part of a network-wide tribute to “The Simpsons” in celebration of the show’s 20th anniversary. Several shows airing on Fox at the time featured Springfield-related Easter eggs and background gags that week. Dan Castellaneta, who has voiced Homer since the show debuted as a sketch on The Tracey Ullman Show, even makes a cameo appearance as Officer Novarro on The Dwarf in the Dirt.

Unsurprisingly, at least one Bones star has reciprocated and guest-starred on The Simpsons. You can hear Emily Deschanel speak for herself in Episode 1 of Season 30, Bart’s Not Dead, via IMDb. David Boreanaz, meanwhile, has spoken out for Family Guy and American Dad!

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