The Smoothest Joke On Impractical Jokers According To Fans

Impractical Jokers fan u/dr_genomics took to Reddit to shout a prank called “Stay for Dinner”. The best moment comes from Season 3 Episode 11 entitled “Takes the Cake”. The guys challenge each other to sit down at a table with strangers in a restaurant and successfully have dinner without being asked to leave the house.

Sal sits down at a table with ladies enjoying a pizza and blends in seamlessly with the group. He literally eats their food, orders a glass of wine and chats with the women. When two more invited guests come to the table, they make room for Sal instead of asking him to leave. He even toasts his new friends. “We don’t get out enough, let’s do it more often,” says Sal.

Some fans, like u/Beastmode4789, consider Sal a prank master after watching his execution. “Never has anyone here had a challenge like Sal,” they wrote. Others weren’t too shocked by Sal’s ease of fitting into a group of strangers. “Sal always hits the ladies,” u/Snoo_6027 wrote, adding, “Can’t stop this charm! Or it’s all the experience he’s gotten as a bartender.” Another fan identified what she felt was key to Sal’s success. “That’s absolute confidence,” wrote u/Ayeeee007.

One fan, however u/arich35, had a bit of a problem with the prank: they wanted to see the women’s reaction when they found out they were being filmed for TV.

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