The Simpsons Character You Likely Forgot Mark Hamill Played

That’s right: Mark Hamill played a Simpsons version of himself on the show, and it’s not exactly subtle given that he’s even dressed like Luke Skywalker. Basically, he shows up as part of a fanboy conference in town, and after initially trying to save everyone 17 cents a month on their phone network plans by switching to Sprint, he accidentally sparks a riot by asking for a Volunteer asks who’s “Star Wars” with him – for the record, Groundskeeper Willie (Dan Castellaneta) hits the first punch. Then Homer (also Castellaneta) rescues a cowering Hamill and Mayor Quimby (again Castellaneta). Of course, all of this is just an excuse to show that Homer is a great bodyguard, which is the real plot of the episode.

But Hamill later returns and gets sucked into a Guys and Dolls song and dance number (again dressed as Skywalker) where he sings “Luck Be a Lady Tonight” as “Luke Be a Jedi Tonight” for some reason. This of course happens when mob boss Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna) orders a lackey to kill Mayor Quimby and forces his new bodyguard Homer to fend off the assassin. This leads to Hamill begging Homer to “use the forks”. , which refers to some cutlery nearby It’s about as ​​good as you’ll ever use an animated Mark Hamill — though the live-action, Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) wedding in ‘Big Bang Theory’ conducts is pretty good too.

Hamill is clearly a good sport in terms of his most iconic role. The Simpsons just got him to prove it.

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