The Shocking Number Of Spells Harry Potter Actually Casts In Sorcerer’s Stone

u/BirminghamBuffaloes made a post on Reddit that pointed out something that many fans may not have been aware of before. During the events of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, we don’t actually see a single spell cast by the protagonist of the same name. Building on this, u/Sere1 said: “It’s not until the dueling club scene in ‘Chamber of Secrets’ that Harry casts his first intentional spell, Rictumsempra. Everything before that failed (he couldn’t get Wingardium Leviosa to work in the first film), random magic (the disappearing jar in the zoo), or used a pre-enchanted item (flying the broomsticks). Harry doesn’t cast a single intentional spell for the entirety of the first film and half of the second film.”

It could perhaps be argued that Harry says the word “up” to summon his broomstick during his first flying lesson, but this doesn’t require a wand at all and is used more to demonstrate his natural aptitude for flying and the game of Quidditch. Harry also unintentionally performs some magic before finding out he’s a wizard, but again not through the use of a wand. Also of note is that there are only three spells in the film at all: Alohomora, Petrificus Totalis, and Wingardium Leviosa.

However, this doesn’t mean that Harry doesn’t cast spells; It’s just that the film never sets out to show viewers. It’s an interesting creative choice indeed.

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