The Season Of The Flash That Fans Agree Should Be Skipped

In a thread on the r/FlashTV subreddit, u/omikrok asked longtime fans of the series an interesting question. After admitting that he stopped watching the series after Season 6 Episode 13 (“Grodd Friended Me”), this user asked if he should quit or skip to Season 7. The answer was probably more than he expected.

The general consensus of answers not only told him to skip to Season 7; They actually told him to skip to Season 8. In fact, u/No-Perspective-518 posted a very direct response, telling the questioner, “I would finish season 6, watch a YouTube recap of season 7, and then watch season 8.” Interestingly, another user was even more specific, which episodes to skip and which ones to watch.”Finish Season 6 and watch the first two episodes of Season 7,” u/stephenxcx wrote. “Then skip to 7×15 and continue normally from there.”

The thread inspired u/LukeCloudStalker to ask how bad Season 7 is, prompting u/No-Perspective-518 to elaborate. This user wrote: “In my opinion it’s the worst season of the show. It wasn’t unbearable for me, but I certainly didn’t enjoy large parts of it.” The user went on to discuss the anticlimactic approach to concluding Season 6’s storylines, including a mind-blowing climax for the villain.

However, not all gave the simple advice of skipping the season. In another response, u/dcsennin shared with the poster that they ended the series when it started to get better. This user said that the series ramps up from Season 6 Episode 14 (“Death of the Speed ​​Force”) to Season 7 Episode 3 (“Mother”) where a major story arc comes to an end. While many in the thread argued skipping Season 7 entirely, others noted that they believed the series dropped long before that.

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