The SARS-CoV-2 Virus Takes Control Of Our Cells- New Studies Revealed

We are in the year 2021 and it’s more than a year since the whole world was shattered by the pandemic widespread. The coronavirus was spreading from country to country like a bushfire. The world was on the verge of a blackout and there were no solutions to combat the virus.  Stay at home, use the mask, and always carry sanitizers were part of the protocols to be followed.

Thus it took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, yet unstoppable. Since it was spotted first, the virus has been a shapeshifter and it kept varying. New studies kept emerging and vaccines arrived as well. Latest developments have come up and the researchers are hoping to find a suitable and positive result through their researches.

The SARS-CoV-2 Virus Takes Control Of Our Cells- New Studies Revealed

Scientists have rediscovered that proteins in our body used by the coronavirus for taking control of the body’s activities, can identify and help us with a drug solution to treat the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Researchers from the US were present at the EMBL, Germany, and they were part of a team that assessed the chain of amino acid molecules. These amino acids helped in producing the human proteins called the integrin.  Integrin is a mediator that helps the cell to cell interactions.

Research claims that COVID-19 causing the SARS-CoV2 virus to enter one’s body cells through a process called endocytosis that covers the cell surface and other potential proteins present in the body. Endocytosis is a process where substances are driven into the cells. It is an active transportation process that moves larger molecules, cells, and parts of cells.

The SARS-CoV-2 Virus Takes Control Of Our Cells- New Studies Revealed

Through the current studies published, the main focus was on short strings of amino acids that help with transferring information between the cells within and outside.  

It is assumed that the SARS-CoV-2 targets proteins that are involved in endocytosis and might take control of it through the virus infection. These findings would be very useful in finding a breakthrough solution for COVID-19.  These studies have identified a potential link between integrin and autophagy signaling. This could lead to finding new and improved ways to prevent any infection from the virus.

After finding these results, researchers enlisted the top drug names that are involved in autophagy and endocytosis.

Although clinical trials have not yet been done, these drugs if proved worthy can be very helpful in finding out the right cure to help out the whole of mankind from this virus. So let’s hope there would be positive news we could hear soon about a  solution that could end the coronavirus once and for all.

There are vaccines out in the market capable of preventing any COVID-19 infection. But that doesn’t make you invulnerable to these diseases. So, following the safety measures will be as important as taking the available vaccines for preventing the virus. Wearing masks, using sanitizers, and avoiding attending events should be considered.

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