The Sandman Character Fans Think Was Perfectly Cast

You don’t see (or hear) him in the teaser, but at the recent Netflix Geeked Week panel for “The Sandman” (via Bleeding Cool), it was revealed that hilarious handyman on The Dreaming and sometimes sidekick to Morpheus, Mervyn Pumpkinhead is being played by nobody voiced by others as Mark Hamill.

If you only know Hamill as Luke Skywalker, you’ve managed to overlook what is arguably an even more iconic character to his name: The Joker, who he began voicing in the early ’90s and continues to voice in the animated series Batman lends voice to various projects.

Under a Reddit post from DemiFiendRSA announcing the news, the Sandman fan base seems generally excited about Hamill’s possibilities in the role. “I gasped when I heard this, this is going to be so fun having Mark as Merv,” gushed one commenter. Another commenter added: “Sounds like a perfect fit! I can’t wait for this to be released already.”

The quote continues to tweet Netflix’s tweet announcing Hamill’s casting have a similarly positive effect. One of Twitter users Blurayangel even proclaimed Hamill is said to be “the voice-acting GOAT” – a claim that will hopefully be even harder to dispute once we hear his take on Pumpkinhead.

Of course, fans aren’t the only ones excited at the prospect of Hamill in the voice of old Merv. In a video from the Geeked Week panel, you can see showrunner Allan Heinberg say that the Sandman creative team was “thrilled” to have Hamill on board, a sentiment the rest of the cast and crew seems to mirror.

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