The Rookie Fans Have Some Strong Feelings About Bailey Nune

“The Rookie” Season 4 Episode 19 “Simone” includes a story arc in which Bailey Nune is an Army reservist and in that capacity is away for the weekend. However, that doesn’t stop her from appearing onscreen when the action shifts to a nearby National Guard armory, which is the presumed target of a villain. In a Reddit discussion thread, several fans expressed their anger at Nune’s reappearance in what they felt was an artificial way.

“Oh look, it’s Bailey!” Redditor u/Jester1525 wryly remarked upon the character’s appearance, prompting discussion about Nune’s apparent all-purpose utility. “I’m surprised Bailey wasn’t the FBI profiler too!!” u/disconnections snarked. “I missed the first two minutes, I don’t know why she was chasing this Russian who looks like she’s in the army now! I don’t understand it,” wrote a confused u/donutschmonut.

The situation prompted many “The Rookie” fans to voice their grievances about Nune’s character and her oddly all-encompassing abilities. Redditor u/JJMcGee summed up the general mood of the thread by comparing it to a mythological figure with magical powers. “I’m convinced she’s actually Puck or Loki or some other mythological trickster who can be anywhere. There is no other explanation that she can do so many things well,” they wrote of Nune.

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