The Ron Swanson Scene That Parks And Recreation Fans Agree Is The Most Heartbreaking

As Season 7 begins, we quickly learn that Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope have had some sort of falling out that has turned them from close friends into bitter enemies. It’s not until episode 4, “Leslie and Ron,” that we learn exactly where the rift in their relationship came from. In a rare expression of emotion, Ron confesses that he felt very lonely working without his friends when Leslie and the rest of her colleagues left to pursue their careers elsewhere. “One day I looked up … just didn’t recognize anyone,” he says.

“The most heartbreaking scene of the series,” wrote u/TheChlorideThief in a thread on Reddit. They also included a screencap of Ron looking at the new, unrecognizable Parks Department, which was too much for some commenters. “Just looking at this meme hurts,” said another user.

Although much of the emotional heaviness of the scene stems from the normally stoic Swanson acting so emotionally, many users also said they find the scene heartbreaking because it’s so relatable. “This has happened to me in real life at various points in my life and yes it sucks,” wrote one user. “As you get older, you accumulate more and more of these painful memories that are good [part] your life is gone and you can never get it back,” u/m333t repeated.

All in all, it’s clear that fans are considering this scene as the most heartbreaking Ron Swanson moment of all time — not just because it depicts one of the show’s most sheltered characters in a state of emotional vulnerability, but also because his pain is there is extremely relatable.

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