The Redemption Arc Cobra Kai Fans Want To See For Chozen In Season 5

During their meeting in Season 3, Chozen seems to have realized his mistakes and even revealed forgotten techniques to Daniel. With the ancient beef finally being crushed, one fan has suggested that another person who could really benefit from learning a similar route would be Daniel’s son, Anthony (Griffin Santopietro). On the r/CobraKai subreddit, a dedicated u/Federation2000 fan has come up with a theory for eternity. This user wrote: “I think the best possible arc of redemption for Chozen – better than Daniel revealing the Miyagi secrets in Season 3 and better than helping him out with Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) – is for Chozen to train Daniel’s son Anthony and corrected. ”

The proposal received a positive response, with several other fans chipping in as to why the couple would be such a good match. u/Iressivor supported the plan, saying, “Assuming Chozen’s training methods do not involve homework, I think this is a plausible scenario.” Another user was quick to highlight the benefits of this teacher-student dynamic. “Chozen really is the perfect candidate to be Anthony’s version of Miyagi-san,” u/Phee wrote. “He’s able to bridge the gap Anthony feels between himself and the rest of his family so he can finally feel a connection to family heritage.”

While fans naturally have their expectations as to what Chozen is up to, one of the few people who has any real say in the matter is the man himself, and apparently he’s been happy with the results so far.

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