The Real-World Inspiration Behind That Iconic Sonic Logo

During the panel (10:07 p.m.), Oshima and Yashara talked about how Sega wanted them to come up with a fictional backstory for the characters they were introducing. Oshima was really interested in American leather jackets, emblems, and airplane nose art, and they wanted to use this aesthetic as part of their presentation of the character. So Sonic was first portrayed as part of another story about a pilot who was trying to fly faster than ever before, and who was nicknamed “Hedgehog” because his hair was always standing up. His plane sported the winged nose art depicting the blue hedgehog we know and love today. This pilot then married a children’s book author, who then wrote the story of the first “Sonic the Hedgehog” based on her husband’s nickname and the art on his plane.

Oshima explained that he drew the emblem with the wings to look like what you would see sewn onto the back of a flight jacket. While the story of “Sonic” had little to do with Hedgehog’s flying planes, the emblem used during the intro seems to have stayed more or less as Oshima retired during the character’s first pitch meeting Has.

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