The Real Reason You Never Saw The Sons Of Anarchy Prequel

Asked specifically about the future of the prequel series “Sons of Anarchy”, Kurt Sutter remained open as ever.

“Right now, the possibility of doing that doesn’t look very promising,” Sutter admitted to Deadline. “It’s her property. You won’t let me take you anywhere else. At the moment this relationship is in flux. Will we make it with time and a changed attitude? I dont know. Hopefully . Maybe.”

In other words, the prequel series isn’t officially dead or something, but it currently seems very, very unlikely to happen in the near future as Disney now effectively owns the Sons of Anarchy franchise and all potential spin-offs – including Sutter’s prequel. In fact, the show never seems to have gotten too far past the idea stage, as Sutter revealed, “I never sat down and started telling the story. I knew it was a one-time thing. At the moment, the possibility that this will not happen will not happen. In time, who knows?”

Maya’s MC is now entirely in the hands of co-creator Elgin James as far as showrunning duties go (via TheWrap). Sutter confessed to Deadline that he felt the need to apologize to James for the way his exit went down, but emphasized his belief in James’ ability to keep the show as good as possible.

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