The Real Reason Homer Simpson And Krusty The Clown Look So Alike

After appearing in The Simpsons shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, Krusty made his debut in the full-fledged series of the animated family in The Telltale Head, where he bore a much greater resemblance to the Simpsons family patriarch. The rationale was that Krusty was originally intended to be Homer’s secret identity and a way for him to bond with his son Bart. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Groening revealed that Homer’s doppelganger in clown shoes was actually supposed to be Bart’s father, which sounds like it deserves a show of its own.

“The original idea behind Krusty the clown was that he was Homer in disguise, but Homer still couldn’t get any respect from his son, who adored Krusty,” Gröning explained. It was a character turn that never materialized and, in hindsight, would have taken up much of the overall show. Despite this, the seed was planted but never changed over the course of the show. “If you look at Krusty, it’s just Homer with long hair and a tuft on his head. We were in such a rush at the beginning of the series that I was like, ‘Oh, it’s too complicated,’ so we just dropped it. But when I look at Krusty, I think, “Yes—that’s Homer.” It’s undoubtedly an interesting nugget, and one that Groening eventually dusted off to bring elements of the story to life in a later episode.

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