The Real Reason Dennis Is Missing From These It’s Always Sunny Episodes

Much like how his character split his time between Philadelphia and North Dakota for season 13 of It’s Always Sunny, Howerton has been similarly busy over the same period. After working on It’s Always Sunny for over a decade, Howerton transitioned to starring on the NBC sitcom AP Bio. In an interview with ‘The Daily Beast’, the actor opened up about his desire to try new things: “I think after 12 years on the show ‘Sunny’ isn’t a slap in the face, you just want to branch out and do other things. I’ve seen other people walk away and do other things. What makes it difficult for me is that I have trouble identifying as a comedy actor because I never intended to be a comedy actor.

Of course, Howerton’s absence didn’t last long. Howerton has appeared in every episode since Season 14, and since AP Bio was unfortunately canceled, he should have plenty of time to continue.

That should mean there’s plenty more Dennis and his antics to come for years to come. In December 2020, it was announced that Always Sunny would be extended through Season 18, so at least three more seasons are on the way and hopefully everyone will be back at every turn.

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