The One Thing Fans Would Have Changed In The Big Bang Theory’s Finale

As a series concluding its multi-season story arc of genius scientists generally achieving their lifelong (and series-long) goals, The Big Bang Theory needed to offer fans a logical ending point in the career and personal lives of its much-loved, faithfully pursued cast members . While physicist Sheldon and neuroscientist Amy received coveted Nobel Prizes for their work on superasymmetry, fans felt that Leonard, also a highly talented experimental physicist with expertise in the field, deserved to be included in the award.

Angry viewers took part in a series of Reddit discussions to express their disappointment at this apparent dissent from Leonard’s abilities on the show. In a post on the show’s subreddit, titled “Does Anyone Think Like Me?: Sheldon and Leonard should have won the Nobel Prize together.” Not Amy,” wrote u/yahyarohat, “In my opinion, Sheldon and Leonard should have… won the award.” The poster’s rationale: “Amy is a neurobiologist (but I know she can win a physics award). Leonard is a physicist. So it would have been more logical that Leonard would have won.”

Redditor u/MMDespot echoed that particular complaint, saying, “I agree with you. Sheldon and Leonard are both trained and educated physicists… Leonard has a higher chance of understanding Sheldon’s idea than Amy because they share most of the academic language and understanding of the subject.”

While viewers may have noted that “The Big Bang Theory” handled its big ending well overall, some fans clearly found fault with who was deemed noble and who wasn’t.

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