The One Thing About Frank That Really Gets On Blue Bloods’ Fans Nerves

u/dslwraith started a conversation on the r/bluebloods subreddit titled “Sigh…lol” noting that there are a lot of angry gasps in “Blue Bloods” while looking at subtitles. Others seemed to have noticed as well, with u/kagiles suggesting viewers turn the sighs into a game, joking: “I said we should turn Frank’s sighs into a drinking game. But we’d probably be dead by the end of an episode.”

However, these two weren’t the only ones who noticed excessive sighing on “Blue Bloods” and u/skieurope12 agreed there were plenty of sighs on the popular TV show, but Frank does it significantly more than the rest of his family, while u/skieurope12 does /DaveOJ12 replied that just reading the comments you can hear Frank’s sighs. u/NS3708 joked that the sighs are the only thing they notice now, and u/TarzansNewSpeedo added that they wish they would take the sighs back on the show because they’re their pet teasers.

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