The One Scene In Interstellar That Made No Sense At All

In “Interstellar” it is said that the only way to save the dying planet is to solve a gravitational equation that requires entering a black hole to retrieve data. Entering a black hole is something that has never been attempted before, but towards the end Cooper manages to find a way to do just that. As he ventures deeper into the black hole, he is transported into a dimension that theoretically replicates the space behind his daughter’s bookshelf on Earth. Now that he has the information he needs, how does he get that information back to Earth now that he’s in this black hole?

Cooper has TARS (Bill Irwin), the military robot who has accompanied him on his quest, run the equation through the long hand of a clock he leaves on the bookshelf for Murph. The message filled with essential data is written in Morse code. The hope is that Murph will notice the watch, see the arms flinch and, instead of just assuming it’s broken, realize it’s a Morse code message from her father, of all things. (Yes, it’s a stretch.)

Let’s forget the fact that of all the places he could have popped up, Cooper appears comfortably behind Murph’s bookshelf (the movie does say love defies the laws of space and time, but still it does), but to be expected that she picking up on so many subtle things news at this moment is hard to accept. Although it was previously explained that the father-daughter duo has a connection to the watch, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine that this would come to Cooper’s mind as a personal route to Murph. Yet it is a moment that prompts the audience to extend their disbelief to a degree transcending space and time.

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