The One Ellie Sattler Update Laura Dern Demanded Before Signing On To Jurassic World Dominion

In an interview with Comic Book, Laura Dern discussed how her return to the franchise hinged on guaranteeing that her character, Dr. Ellie Sattler, would have evolved since her last prominent role in the franchise.

Dern went on to say that she thought Dr. Sattler would have gone from being a soil researcher to being an active participant in the fight against climate change, both from a scientific and activist perspective. “But to me, how she had evolved in her field of science, which she had studied as a paleontologist, our earlier extinctions, and how she would have evolved as a soil scientist who would focus on climate change to avoid another extinction,” said you.

The actress added that this development will always be a key element of Dr. Sattler’s character, not only in the film but also in author Michael Crichton’s book. She also said that the character would have naturally become an activist as well, believing that simply pursuing academics would not change things and that action beyond the field was needed. “And she wouldn’t be an activist. it is dr Ellie Sattler, come on,” Dern said. “And if guys want to join her and use her voice, maybe they’ll have an amazing experience.” But you better get out of the dig and join the program and start saving the world.”

However, Dern noted that she encountered no opposition from Colin Trevorrow on the issue and that he is also passionate about environmental protection and climate change. This aspect of Dr. According to her statement, the director was only too happy to include Sattler in “Jurassic World Dominion”.

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