The Old Man Star Pej Vahdat On His New Series, Meeting Jeff Bridges And Jon Watts, And More

You have appeared in a variety of roles, including the comic book superhero genre with a guest role on Lucifer, and you had recurring roles on Arrow as Sam Armand. Do you have a special affinity for DC or Marvel? Will you take on DC or Marvel to come?

It’s every little kid’s dream to be a superhero, so I’d love to do that. I don’t like either of them, I prefer Marvel… but I’m a Batman guy, that’s DC.

I would appreciate any opportunity. It’s about time a Middle Eastern actor became a superhero. That would be cool, and I’d appreciate it, and I’d be all-in. I would be ripped! Let’s go!

You have “Ms. Marvel” on Disney+, which is wonderful.

Oh that’s right. “Ms. Marvel,” that’s right. Oh thank god that’s amazing.

Season 2, Pej. season 2 – let yourself in there!

Yes we do!

Oddly enough, Jon Watts directed episodes 1 and 2 of The Old Man, which spawned from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Even though you only appear in Episode 3, did you have any interactions with Jon at all?

I just met him for the first time, so unfortunately not. He’s a legend and he’s so young, but I was disgusted. I said, “Hey, I’m on the show too!” But since I only started with episode 3, I didn’t get to know him until the premiere. He was so nice and I was a little geeked. I got a little nervous. But he’s a great guy, super nice…

The people say [about his work on “The Old Man”] that: “It’s one of his best works, those first two episodes.” That first scene he did…in the first episode Jeff is in the doctor’s office…It’s a normal scene but he made it so strong with the way he shot it did. I thought, “Wow, you’re a genius.”

Let’s hope meeting him was enough to put you on his radar. I know he’s coming out with a “Star Wars” project. Aside from Marvel and DC, you have to be interested in Star Wars, right?

Yes! “Star Trek”, “Star Wars” – I take everything.

The Old Man airs on FX and streams exclusively on Hulu, with new episodes premiering every Thursday through July 21.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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