The Odd Wendy Detail That Annoys Some Ozark Fans

When “Ozark” fans reviewed Laura Linney’s despicable mother of the Byrde household, they began spotting a few catchphrases Wendy uses when things got messy. On the r/Ozark subreddit, a Byrde watcher highlighted Wendy’s favorite words with a particularly amusing meme.

u/majnubhaispainting took advantage of the breathing seagull meme (via KnowYourMeme) and referenced Wendy’s phrase, “We’re so close.” Conveniently, Wendy uses this phrase in a variety of situations. From overcoming tough battles with the bosses of the drug cartel, to signing deals with potential business partners, to helping Marty park the car, those words always seem “close” to Wendy.

It was a selection line that other Reddit users were quick to piggyback on. A Reddit user added, “I just need a little more time.” Of course, Wendy used those two lines multiple times throughout the series, but they’re far from the only things that bother some fans of the series.

Fans were also quick to point out other notable Wendy-isms that rose to prominence, especially in the final season. In addition to Wendy’s previously rehearsed requests, u/Gomok111 said, “Add Wendy to that [making] her own decision without consulting Marty.” In response, u/agieluma added, “And she freaks out when he does something similar.”

From Wendy’s choices within her own family to her choices in the drug world, it certainly seems like an observation that contains a measure of truth. Whatever song was repeatedly sung, there’s no denying that she still manages to get her family out in the end, no matter how “close” they got to real danger.

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