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The New Black Lagoon Manga Spinoff,

You asked for it, and now you have it. In preparation for the publication of “Black Lagoon Eda: Initial Stage,” Rei Hiroe’s “Black Lagoon” is ready.

The New Black Lagoon Manga Spinoff,

This news sparked a wave of excitement among the fans. But there were also a few fans who were a little sceptical of the main series. Among Black Lagoon enthusiasts, Edith Blackwater or Eda has a sizable following.

black lagoon

There will be a spin-off that focuses on Eda’s life, and the entire tale will revolve around Eda. Many Black Lagoon fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Eda’s Backstory, the first chapter in the new manga series.

To learn more about Black Lagoon Eda: The Beginning, keep reading. Here we go, without further ado!

Overview Of The Black Lagoon

Author and artist Rei Hiroe is behind Black Lagoon, a Japanese manga series. Shogakukan began publishing this manga series in 2002, and it lasted until 2021 with 12 volumes in all. A 12-episode anime adaptation of the manga series is also available.

On top of that, there’s an OVA series with five episodes under the same name. Sawyer the Cleaner: Dismemberment! Gore-Gore Girl” was launched on September 19, 2019 as the first spin-off.

The sawyer was the focus of this spin-off, and it’s still going strong. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the second spin-off of the brand.

Official Announcement: Initial Stage Of Black Lagoon Eda

Shogakukan’s Monthly Sunday GX makes an announcement about the upcoming Black Lagoon spin-off. The Black Lagoon is getting another spinoff series, according to the original manga’s publishing firm.

In addition, the new spin-off will delve into the life of Eda, the manga’s main protagonist. The manga’s ninth chapter introduced us to Eda for the first time.

‘Black Lagoon Eda: Initial Stage’ is the name of the second spin-off, which will focus on her early days in the CIA. Within a few episodes, Eda’s nun costume with a CIA background went viral.

On Twitter, Manga Mogura also announced the publication date of the second spinoff. Many fans are curious as to whether or not the primary series will be continued.

These kinds of comments are flooding the comment section, but there is no mention of the main series. Since 2002, the mangaka has published 12 volumes of Black Lagoon.

Plot Summary For The Upcoming Manga Series “Black Lagoon”

The new spinoff, “Black Lagoon Eda: Initial Stage,” will focus on Eda’s backstory, as stated in the title. Eda’s first days in the CIA will be described in this book.

The creators of the main series never revealed anything about Eda’s past, therefore nothing is known about her. As a result, the spinoff will shed light on Eda’s past. Eda’s origins and existence are planned to be explored in the spinoff.

The lack of translations for the spinoff was also a cause for concern for the fans. No translations were available for Sawyer-The Cleaner either.

The Release Date For The New Black Lagoon Manga

Every Sunday beginning on April 19, 2022, “Black Lagoon Eda: Initial Stage” will begin publication, with new chapters being released. Fans eagerly anticipate the publication of the second spinoff, so here’s hoping for an in-depth look into Eda’s life and times.

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