The Near-Death Experience That Gave Chicago P.D. Star Jason Beghe His Distinctive Voice

To be clear, Jason Beghe had a naturally deep voice from the start. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Beghe noted that puberty had already given his voice a deep, raspy tone. However, that natural grumbling was amplified in 1999 after a near-fatal car accident.

“[I] broke my neck, my back in some places, all my ribs, both of my lungs,” Beghe said. “I was in a coma for three and a half weeks. If I came out of the coma because I was intubated off life support, I’d pull out the tube and it made it worse.”

The fact that coming to terms with the death would help Beghe play his most famous role years later is a silver lining to an otherwise grim situation. However, it is not only useful for playing “Bad Cop”. It also helps him play the tough dad. “If I say, ‘Hey, it’s time to clean up,’ they do it,” joked Beghe. Aside from the fact that the accident gave him the perfect voice for a somewhat corrupt cop (and a tough-as-nails father), Beghe also acknowledges that the accident had a very serious impact on his life.

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