The Most Unexpected Death On S.W.A.T. According To Fans

Season 4 of “SWAT” attempts to reflect what is happening in the world. As well as delving into the pandemic, it also delves into the racial tensions in the city, focusing on the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd and using flashbacks to the 1992 LA riots following the Rodney King verdict. As the season progresses, multiple storylines revolve around people of color and women on the force, with a second woman making the SWAT team, Officer Erika Rogers (Lyndie Greenwood of “Sleepy Hollow” and “Nikita”). While Chros initially rebuffs her when she approaches her, telling her that they cannot jeopardize their careers by being seen leaning on each other, Erika and Chris eventually form a strong bond. The friendship leads them to commit to becoming roommates.

In Season 4 Episode 8, “Crusade”, the team searches for a group of white supremacists called the Imperial Dukes. In a surprising moment, the newest member of 20 Squad (though a temporary member as she’s only filling in) is shot dead in action. Fans showed their sadness at the unexpected death on Reddit by u/peeps001 saying, “I can’t believe they killed Erika. She was a really good character on the show and I was looking forward to seeing more of her.” Many of the fans on Reddit shared how shocked and surprised they were by her death. They also sounded on Twitter @temitopeandres and said: “I’ve been watching SWAT since 2017 and I’ve never seen them lose an officer. I’m not ready to see Erika die. She is so cute. Her death shocked me. I literally had chills.”

In “SWAT,” 20 Squad is a family, a group of people struggling through the worst LA has to offer, and they all come home. That is, except for this one time. Erika’s death hit team members and fans equally hard.

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