The Most Pause-Worthy Moments In Interstellar

The title shot of Interstellar is instantly memorable, essentially presenting us with a small diorama of the upcoming film. The toy spaceships that make sense as a holdover from Cooper’s former NASA career are the least subtle, but the bookshelf they rest on will prove even more important to saving humanity. The threat to humanity, of course, is the dust that is already covering the objects we see in the opening shot of Interstellar.

For all its splendor and sweeping visuals, this image speaks to just how poignant the story of Interstellar is. The model ships spiritually signal the serious enthusiasm for scientific research central to the story, and they combine with a children’s bookshelf for an image that encapsulates the dreamlike, time-wrapped quality of the final product. Dusty and somber at the same time, Interstellar is full of wonder and circular in its own indelible way.

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