The MCU Character You Likely Forgot Modern Family’s Ty Burrell Played

If there’s one thing Marvel fans love, it’s looking back at the worst Marvel Comics-based movies of all time. Director George Lucas’ Howard the Duck, that odd 1970s Doctor Strange flick, and other similar titles keep popping up, but what if the conversation confines them to pure MCU installments? While it’s not uncommon for Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 2 to take center stage, The Incredible Hulk also rarely avoids those debates. Fans and critics found it usable at best, and unfortunately for Ty Burrell, it was his big MCU launch.

For those who don’t remember, Burrell played Dr. Leonard Samson in the 2008 film, and he didn’t get much to do. With Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) out of the picture, Samson became romantically involved with Betty Ross (Liv Tyler), leading him to become jealous when Banner reunited with her. This boils down to the two ending their relationship after Samson indirectly caused the destructive fight at Culver University, and that’s about all he’s done in the MCU so far. All in all, Burrell wasn’t bad in the role per se, but Samson wasn’t much special.

Given the story of Leonard Samson in Marvel Comics, where he also exposes himself to gamma radiation and later becomes a beast named Doc Sasquatch, there’s certainly potential for the character in the MCU. Although Ty Burrell’s interpretation of Samson is now 14 years away from The Incredible Hulk, it most likely won’t get a chance to shine.

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